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The James Joyce Audio Collection
ISBN: 0060501790; Audio CD-Rom; $29.95
“This collection includes selections from his most important works: Ulysses, Finnegans WakeA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners. The most fascinating treat here is the landmark recording of James Joyce reading selections from Ulysses. This rare recording was made in 1924, and Joyce’s reading provides the singular experience of hearing the work as he intended it to be read.” Website includes audio samples.

James Joyce Audio Collection
Disk 1:
1. James Joyce reads from Ulysses–passage from Aelous episode. circa 1921   4:11
2.  Chamber Music, I-XXXVI.  Cyril Cusack.  22:25
3.  James Joyce reads from Finnegans Wake–passage from Anna Livia Plurabelle  circa 1932    8:31
4.  Pomes Penyeach.  Cyril Cusack.  9:16
5.  Ecce Puer  Cyril Cusack.  0:37
6.  Dubliners: “Counterparts”   Jim Norton.  22:12
Disk 2:
1. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Chapter 1:
The Beginning   Cyril Cusack  2:21
2. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Chapter 1:
The Christmas Dinner   Cyril Cuscak   19:49
3. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Chapter 4,
Part 2   Cyril Cusack   25:24
5. Dubliners: “Araby”  Colm Meaney   13:54
Disk 3:
1.  Ulysses: Soliloquy of Leopold Bloom (“Nausicaa”): E. G. Marshall   26:21
2.  Ulysses: Soliloquy of Molly Bloom (“Penelope”): Siobhan McKenna    29:02
Disk 4:
1.  Finnegans Wake: Shem the Penman:  Cyril Cusack 29:02
2.  Finnegans Wake: Anna Livia Plurabelle: Siobhan McKenna   31:44
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Ulysses, Finnegans Wake and A Portrait of the Artist directed by Howard Sackler
Dubliners directed by Maurice Leitch
Sylvia Beach recording of James Joyce 1924 in Paris
Caedmon ACCD 112A(4)

Ulysses tapes, produced with professional actors, by Recorded Books, 140 West 22 St, New York, NY 10011.  Tel 212-243-8070. Toll-free 800-638-1304. (Most of the book is read by Donal Donnelly, but some (principally the <Penelope> episode) is read by Miriam Healy-Louie.   Apparently they have done their best to track down music where  appropriate and have sung the words where it seemed logical to. The final version is 42 hours 30 minutes long; 30 cassettes.  It might be available in two parts rather than as one great lump.  The purchase price of the recording is $185 for the two-volume version, $195 for the one-volume version.  The only difference between the two versions is that the latter comes in a single box, and the larger box costs more than the two smaller boxes — the two-volume version has one 18-cassette volume and one 12-cassette volume. The rental price for 60 days is $35.50 plus $4.50 postage.)

Ulysses <Sirens episode> recorded by Zack Bowen (University of Miami) as part of the series he and students did at SUNY, Fredonia with Folkways Records.

Ulysses Naxos have released some spoken word CD recordings, including a 4 CD set of Ulysses (further information is available from Charles Cave at:

John Cage’s Roaratorio
broadcast on Bayern2Radio, Germany, on September 6, 2002 22:05h to 23:10h.
Ein Irischer Circus über Finnegans Wake
Von John Cage”
Geige………………….Paddy Glackin
Bodhran………………Peadar Mercier
Bodhran………………Mel Mercier
Flöte……………………Matt Malloy
Uillean-Pipe…………Seamus Ennis
Sprecher……………..John Cage
Komposition: John Cage
Realisation: John Cage/John David Fullemann
Produktion: WDR/SDR/KRO Hilversum 1979

Various contact Bob Fuhrel (  His collection includes <Sirens,> <Laestrygonians,> <Hades,> <Calypso,> and <Lotus-Eaters> in the Bowen produced series; various readings of <Portrait;> the sound-track of Strick’s {Ulysses}; McKenna and Cusack (I believe) doing soliloquies of Molly and Poldy; a French jazz reading of <Anna Livia Plurabelle;> the soundtrack to Bute’s film of {Finnegans Wake;} Joyce’s own reading of ALP (final three pages or so); and Taylor’s speech on <<the language of the outlaw>> from <Aeolus.>

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