New issue coming…

To say that James Joyce would be fascinated by the age of the internet and social media is an incredible understatement. But what would he make of the entire industry of it all, the publishing and promoting and liking and smiley-facing? Would a modern day Bloom have any cause to leave his abode? Would he and Molly be YouTube wonders? Well, such a conversation could go a number of ways…

Little has happened with this blog for quite some time, in part due to a fall off in the editor’s (my) free time. However, a new issue of Hypermedia Joyce Studies is coming out at the end of January! Entries cover everything from rugby to yoga and Iain Sinclair. Indeed, all connect to Joyce in varying levels of interesting and well-researched detail. Wondering what to look forward to in 2018? How about some new Joyce scholarship to read, promote, like and/or smiley face?!


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